Updates On Website

I changed a fair amount on my website after much playing around with it. For the longest it stayed in the original Sela format and I tried to work around it. For the Homepage, I tried to keep the text widgets and played with those a lot. I was going try to put my Digital Essays and Monday Blogs (now Wednesday Blogs) in these text widgets and even have a random part of the site that leads you to a random site generator. Unfortunately, I could not get it to work properly so I got rid of all the text widgets. I also added a link to my personal Tumblr blog at the bottom and added a custom banner that I made on Canva.com. For the About Me, I also created a custom banner and edited the actual about me detailing more about why I created the website. Each element displays more of my comedic side but I do take this website seriously because after the class I will transition to a more personal blog. I used a lot of pink on this website which is weird because I personally do care for pink but it still brings out the more lighthearted side of me. My future goal is to also connect this website to my other that I created at the same time which I am hoping to be final project for this class. The other website is a project that I have been trying to develop for a while and this class will help me develop it.Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.26.04 PM.pngFilm and Media Banner 2-2.pngABOUT ME.png


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