Blog Post 2:Replacing the Irreplacible


Jessica Aldred’s article tackles the Hollywood issues of digital actors. She looks at mainly two films for analysis Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within and the Polar Express. Both films use digital animation to create an entire movie but they differed in how they captured the performances. Polar Express used motion capture to create the three main characters using Tom Hanks as the model while Final Fantasy created a whole new person, Aki Ross, without an actor model. She articulates the worry of actors being replaced by digital animation either by capturing the essence in pixels or by the imagination of computer animators. The Congress takes the topic of “synthespians” and runs with it. The film seems to make the argument that not only will digital animation replace actors in movies but will replace reality itself. They did this by looking at the fictional career of Robin Wright selling her likeness to overlord “Miramount”. Watching this film was like watching Aldred’s article come to life. It was quite striking to think of reality turning into Disney cartoon film on acid. The ability to become someone anyone is not a distance future notion as the film depicts but happens today through the Internet. Aldred touched on this towards the end of her article showing a soccer mom’s avatar on a digital gaming world. Her avatar looks nothing like her but it seems to be the point as she uses it as an escape from her daily life. When it comes to films, I believe that the culture of celebrities will solidify the careers of actors for along time. We loving observing the lives of the people we watch on screen in real life. However, the notion that digital reality will replace actual reality seems to becoming truer with VR technology being developed and improved each year.


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