Blog Post 3: Unwatchable

Since my Creative Project dealt with the spoiler alert culture, I was familiar with the subject discussed by Brojakowski. The article adds more scientific view to the mania which was quite a different perspective than I am used to. One of the aspects that I noticed in my search and with in the article is consumers are active participants. From choosing to watch a series no matter if they already have spoiler information to actively tweeting about the series as it plays out, consumers play a role in their own experience. However I have a hard time with his statement that media does not use people. In what sense of the word “use”, there are now interactive media modules that does use people to create media.

Brojakowski discusses the difficulty in avoiding spoilers due to social media. He finds that most people have to boycott social media all together if they do not wish to know anything about the media they wish to consume. I find that a social media boycott is not efficient as the internet in general can contain all kinds of spoilers. Most public spaces are dangerous as casual conversations can result in spoiler information. Yet consumers will still choose to consume whatever media they favor because they favor it. Not everything can be spoiled because the consumption experience is still unique to each consumer.


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