Blog Post 5: Not-So-Micro Celebrities

This week has been particularly exciting for me to discuss as I love talking about YouTube. Warwick’s use of the term micro-celebrity is quite interesting as these micro-celebrities are starting to become more mainstream. YouTube celebrities, Rhett and Link have started to cross-over appearing repeatedly on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The duo have been long-time YouTube personalities being constantly listed as top celebrities on YouTube. They have over 12 million subscribers on their Good Mythical Morning show, a book, and even a YouTube Red series. Food Instagrammers have now become a major part of the food industry with restaurant and bars going out of their way to appeal to this new form of celebrities.

Marwick observes a major attribute of micro-celebrity is authenticity. The author notes that social media stars are becoming more appealing than other stars because viewers see them as authentic and relatable. However in class we questioned the this aspect asking how authentic can someone really be with a camera in their face constantly. We talked of the Shaytards family growing up in the spotlight creating a wholesome Mormon image but controversy struck when Shay, the father of the family, announced his return to rehab after relapsing from alcoholism. There was reports of him even having an affair tarnishing the perfect happily family portrayed on their YouTube channel.


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