Final Project Rough Draft

Here is the intro to my paper:

Historiography: the writing of history

            Historiography has roots as far back as ancient Greece with the early writings being from renowned writer, Herodotus. Herodotus and his fellow ancient riders have teetered between mythology and reality their contributions have highly appreciated. These ancient writers have set the standard for history for centuries to come and one standard they have set is the power aspect of those that write it. History has a history of being written by the powerful and wealthy. The field does take an immense amount of education and time, which mostly the wealthy can afford. The history taught in schools gives a top down perspective of the subject leaving out the small narratives that still made history what it is today. I wanted to take that power back from the powerful and give it to the people. is an online history book written by the people for the people.

The link is in the paragraph to my website.


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